Saturday, 19 September 2009


Chilli con carne

and Eton Mess

two favourite foods chosen by and made especially for a boy who this time next week will be preparing his first meal away from home at university.


sensiblevermonter said...

Mmmm that chili looks great! But what is the second dish? Looks like a sweet and creamy dessert?

willow said...

Yes, its very sweet and creamy, almost too sweet really but it is very simple to make and almost everyone likes it.
Just three ingredients, roughly crushed meringues, whipped cream and strawberries all mixed together and then served in tall glasses. It gets its name because it is traditionally served at cricket matches at Eton College.

sensiblevermonter said...

Silly question, what's crushed meringues??

willow said...

Hi, Until I read your question I hasn't thought about the different types of meringue - soft meringues for Baked Alaska and then the crispy, dry type that I used here.
I have to admit to using shop bought meringues for this recipe but when I make them myself I use one egg white to 2 oz sugar, whisking the egg whites until firm and then gradually adding the sugar whisking all the time. The meringue mixture is spooned on to a baking parchment covered baking sheet and baked in a low oven (140C / 275F) for about an hour and then after turning the oven off I leave the meringues in until the oven has cooled to make sure that they are very dry and crispy.
I said crushed meringues but I usually break them into pieces by hand, crushing them might turn them to dust! I make the peices similar size to the strawberries and then mix it all together with whipped cream.
We are coming to the end of the strawberry season here but I can still buy local fruit, I don't know whether there are strawberries in Vermont this late in the year or whether you'll have to wait until next year to try this dessert - its worth the wait!

sensiblevermonter said...

Ah, I see! I get what you're saying now! Thanks! I was thinking a lemon meringue pie and thought, how could you crush something soft? But I understand now! Thank you! That does sounds sweet and decadent and delicious! :)

Yeah, strawberry season has been over for months, but we've got plenty stored in the freezer for strawberry crisp and maybe a strawberry rhubarb pie this winter!! There's nothing better than summer sweet berries in the coldest, darkest of winter nights. :)

PS- I love readying your posts for your beautiful photographs. You are very skilled in that art. :)

ginny said...

my sister makes Eton Mess... yummy... hope it all went well and that your son settles into the college life really quickly x
ginny x