Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A day in my life

This month the 14th was a home day for me. My time was filled with housework, washing, tidying, cleaning and all the tasks that need to be done to keep the household running smoothly. I was at home all day so the photos are taken around the house and garden.

I picked the last two apples from the little tree I planted last year. I wanted a late fruiting apple as my other tree is a Discovery and the apples come in August. This one is Sunset and the fruit is ready in late September/October.

The leaves on the grape vine which grows up the back wall of the house are turning now. I like the way they turn red from the edges leaving the veins surrounded by green.

In the afternoon a friend came round for a cup of tea and it was warm enough to sit in the garden. I gave the chickens some biscuit crumbs as a treat. It was difficult to get a sharp photo of them as they were pecking away at the crumbs so fast.

The day does not stay warm for long at this time of the year and soon it was time to be inside cooking dinner.

Now with all the washing up done, we are busy with our individual activities, my husband is watching the England match, my son is busy on the computer and I'm finishing this post. Time for some quiet knitting to round off the day.


libby said...

Hi Willow,

Sounds like a lovely day indeed.


willow said...

Hi Libby, good to see that you are still writing "day in my life" posts. Its nice to compare days.