Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Rainy days and a new book

Since I wrote my last post about how dry everything was, it has rained almost constantly! This has been my view of it, from inside looking out. A very wet garden and not a chicken in sight, they have spent a lot of time under their favourite bush just standing and looking.

Warm and dry inside the house I have been enjoying the opportunity to catch up on a few jobs. After getting the routine housework done, I tackled the mending pile, baked, did a little knitting and even found time for some reading.

At the moment I am reading The China Study which looks at the connection between diet and health particularly the "western" diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. The recommendation - a whole foods, plant based diet. I am only half way through the book at the moment but it seems a very well written and researched book and it is making me think about what we eat. We only eat meat two or three times a week but we do eat quite a bit of dairy so our diet does have a fair amount of animal based food. Has anyone read this book? and if so did it make you change your diet?

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