Monday, 14 December 2009

A day in my life

The 14th of December and another "day in my life" post. I have written twenty one of these now, beginning in April 2008 and so I am building up a series of snapshots of my daily life. By choosing the same date each month, the day of the week varies so I have recorded work days, weekend days, days out and very ordinary home days. 

Mondays are usually at home days but recently I have been working more to cover staff illness so it turned out to be a work day. So up at six o'clock and a few household tasks to do before work. I put a casserole in the slow cooker which is a bit of a rush in the morning but lovely when I get home in the afternoon, sorted the packed lunches and opened the chicken coop.

I left home just after seven to take my son to the station and then arrived at work by 7:30.  My early start meant I could finish early and I was home before three o'clock. The casserole smelled great as I opened the front door but the house was cold (it was 4C here today) so I turned on the heating and made a mug of tea. This year I have put chocolates in the Advent calendar for me as well!

It was a very ordinary afternoon and evening.  I picked my son up from the station after school, we had the sausage casserole with jacket potatoes followed by apple crumble.  

A little bit of knitting, I'm still working on the top down jumper and I'm pleased to see its grown quite a lot since last months post.

My husband phoned from Boston, its cold over there as well with snow earlier this week and then, just as I was coming upstairs to quickly post this before going to bed, eldest son phoned from University where he was about to go out! - wish I had some of his energy.

The house is getting cold again now (the heating switches off at nine o'clock) so I know it is bedtime, good night.


ginny said...

i am glad you gave yourself chocolate treats too this Advent. i think your day in the day has been so interesting... and must be great to look back on... maybe could print out the posts and make a little book of these memories from ordinary days.
it has become quite cold here too and i have dug out my thermals!
wishing you a happy week
warmest wishes
ginny x

libby said...

Hi Willow,

Loved reading about your day. Sounds like it was a lovely one.