Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More snow

More snow turning the woods round us into a fairy tale scene.  The silver birch trees were bent to the ground with the weight of the snow.

Traffic and road conditions were dreadful last night but today things were improving although the roads were very quiet. The road surface was very slippery, snow on top of ice, and we saw many vehicles sliding sideways.

I am lucky that I have had no need to drive anywhere and my car is on the drive covered with six inches of snow while I venture out on foot. The snow is inconvenient, my husband is staying near to work for the second night to avoid travelling and I have a rather grumpy teenager who isn't able to see his friends, but I do like to photograph it.


Heather L. said...

It is JUST GORGEOUS!!! It's making me a bit jealous. :) my friends in Scotland keep updating their facebook status with all the lovely snow that's coming down. I guess they have a foot already up there. Our meager 1 inch is mostly melted.

pebbledash said...

So beautiful!
Happy Christmas, Willow!
Diana x

willow said...

Today the snow is melting rapidly as the temperatures rise. It won't look quite so pretty for Christmas Day but hopefully things will be safer for anyone trying to travel.

libby said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland.