Friday, 18 December 2009


Very beautiful today, soft and fluffy, sparkling in the sunshine.

The chickens were not so happy though.  They wouldn't walk on the snow at all and even on the path where the snow had melted, they minimised the chance of touching it by standing on one leg!

The snow was fun today when I didn't have far to go although it was slippery driving to work and there wasn't much evidence of gritting but tomorrow I want to collect my son from university. So, no more snow please, at least not until I've got him safely home.


ginny said...

i love your photos! .. your wish has been granted as no more snow has fallen... the chickens are funny... have a lovely weekend with all your boys home,
warmest wishes
ginny x

Heather L. said...

The chickens are too funny!!! Snow is falling this morning, but shouldn't accumulate very much. Your pictures are so pretty -- but of course it's the roads that make everyone worried.

willow said...

Yes, we were lucky, no more snow and an uneventful journey.
All four of us are at home now for the first time in twelve weeks. Tomorrow we will get our Christmas tree - starting to feel festive now!

libby said...

Love seeing your snow photos - seems weird when we're swimming and going to the beach :-).
Love the chickens - too funny!