Monday, 8 February 2010

Allotment in winter

Cold, wet and full of weeds describes my allotment at the moment. I haven't been there for weeks, not since before the snow, before Christmas so I can't really expect it to look like a model garden.

A few edibles lurking amongst the weeds though, the leeks don't look great but they tasted good,

and a few leaves of chard that the deer have missed.

When we get some milder weather I will go back and clear some of the weeds. I had hoped to do that today but its snowing again.  The snow is melting as soon as it hits the ground so it doesn't look as if it will stay but definitely not gardening weather for this fair weather gardener!

Instead I'm looking at a couple of pictures I took last summer to remind me that it won't be long before everything starts growing again.

Also a reminder not to be too thorough with my weeding, those foxgloves are so pretty.


ginny said...

the foxgloves do look really pretty. our garden is looking a little sad just now but i am looking forward to spring, planting and warmer weather

Simply Authentic said...

I'm impressed you had stuff still growing after all that snow though. Its nice to see the before and after pictures. I know you've posted pictures before but this time we could really see the whole shape of the space. :-)

Pomona said...

Our garden doesn't look great, but we are still eating leeks, celeriac, parsnips, cabbage and carrots - unfortunately a rabbit has taken up residence and is wreaking havoc on the parsley.

Pomona x