Sunday, 14 February 2010

A day in my life

I started this series of posts almost two years ago, writing on the 14th of each month so that over time I create a record of very ordinary days in my life. Some of the posts are really just a list of everyday activities and not particularly interesting to read but that is exactly the point.  The interesting and exciting times in our lives are what we will always remember, it is the day to day stuff that we will forget.

This morning I woke up as it was getting light around seven, which is the time the chickens wake so I wandered out into the garden in my dressing gown and opened up the coop and run. Back in the house I made a mug of tea and looked out the window to see it had started snowing. The winter weather is dragging on this year.

I walked down to the shop in the village to buy a paper with my younger son (only the two of us at home at the moment)  and we decided that on such a dull cold day we would have an early lunch and go into town.

A routine eye test for him (the last free one since soon he will be 18 and leaving school) and a short wander around the shops. Nobody made much money from us, free parking on Sundays and a free eye test!

Back home and I checked on the chickens, one egg today, and put out the recycling for collection tomorrow. I noticed that the moss growing on the path beside the house had made it very slippery. I wondered if putting salt on it would kill the moss. I am experimenting putting salt on one part and leaving the rest, I'll see if it makes a difference.

 Any ideas about the best way to get rid of moss? I wondered if boiling water would do the trick, maybe I'll try that next.

Skype calls to eldest son at University and husband in Boston and then time to cook dinner. Sausages for the meat eater and vegetables and noodles for me.

Now we are having a leisurely evening, one of us is watching a film and the other is switching between blogging and knitting.  Together we are eating our way through a large bar of chocolate - well it is Valentine's Day.


Simply Authentic said...

Sounded like a well spent day to me! A little bit of relaxation while still getting needed things accomplished. I always enjoy that you do these posts...I actually woke up this morning thinking that I should do one...but I might end up just taking pictures of the dogs all day ;-)

willow said...

Simply Authentic
I think your recent series of posts is similar in a way, if/when you move, will have a record of the way your house looked, where you walked the dogs etc. I am enjoying the photos.