Monday, 6 September 2010

Holiday photographs

It is raining this evening and feeling distinctly autumnal, yet it was only just over a week ago we were spending sunny days on the beach.

This was my first time to the Northumbrian coast and it really was beautiful.

We had a very gentle sort of holiday, strolling, taking photographs, noticing the details

and making the most of the sunshine.

The beaches were lovely,

vast swathes of sand

and endless sea and sky.

Calm, subdued colours by day

and then bright and golden in the evening.

A wonderful holiday.


Simply Authentic said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful---must have been incredibly restorative and hopefully was just what each of you needed. Hope you've been well. Always love your pictures!

tree shadow moon said...

Spectacular! What amazing places, and fab photos of them! Would love to know more about the Northumbrian coast!

willow said...

Thank you, I am still very stiff and not walking very far so the holiday was less active than usual but my sons were very patient and we had a good time.

willow said...

The beaches were stunning although as you know with the North Sea not exactly warm. Great for taking photographs, something about the combination of beach, sea and dramatic castles. Holy Island (photos 3,4,5) was lovely although a bit touristy.

Heather L. said...

What beautiful photos!!! It's even restful just looking at them.