Friday, 20 August 2010

Slow summer

Its been a slow summer here for me. Aches and pains from over-enthusiastic gardening both at home and at the allotment were ignored. Stiffness was ignored in the hope that I could finish all I wanted to do and then rest. After a few weeks my body responded to this mistreatment by increasing the level of pain and stiffness and forcing me to seek help.

Over the past month or so I have been having physiotherapy and acupuncture and just now after the latest session I am beginning to sense some improvement. It is taking so long I am told because I didn't listen to my body and slow down.

I have now been forced to slow down, walking only very slowly, very short distances and only on level ground. For someone who loves walking and gardening it has been hard but I have had no option. I've had to accept that when I feel pain, I have to stop.

As we move towards the end of the summer, I haven't done many of the things I'd planned but I have learned to slow down. Many of my usual household chores have been left undone (the lawn hasn't been cut for weeks - missing those chickens!) and its all looking a bit untidy, but its not the end of the world.

I'm hoping I've learnt a few lessons from my slow summer and when I am recovered I will perhaps fit less into my day and stop when things are getting too much.

For some good news, youngest son got his A2 results yesterday and has his place confirmed at university. Like his brother he will be working for a year before going to help with the finances. I am pleased and relieved that he now has both his university place and a job for his gap year. Its not easy for these young people in the current economic climate.

Lastly, I am off on holiday for a week. My husband didn't want a holiday this year so its just me and the boys off to Northumberland. It was supposed to be an exploring, walking, active sort of holiday but for me this year it will be a gentle strolling holiday with much reading and knitting - doesn't sound too bad though, does it?


pebbledash said...

I hope you feel better soon - I find after an active day that a long soak in a bath with a couple of handfuls of epsom salts works wonders, it draws out the stiffness. Cheapest place to but - the garden centre!

Congrats to your youngest son, and happy hols!

abby said...

hope you soon feel 100% again. I never listen to my body - I go at breakneck speed and then hit a wall - will never learn! Hubby's family from Northumberland - beautiful part of the world. Have a super hols x

Alice and Ginny said...

hope you are now feeling much better snce your holiday. northumberland is such a beautiful place (husband also from this part of the country). well done to no. 2 for his results and uni place and how reassuring that he has a job for his gap year. sending you lots of love and enjoy those plums & tomatoes.
warmest wishes
ginny xx