Tuesday, 7 December 2010



We have been lucky to escape the snow here again but it is very cold and foggy and the hedges this morning were covered in ice crystals.

Very pretty,

nature's seasonal decorations.


Simply Authentic said...

What a great contrast--the red against the ice and greenery in the background. Definitely looks chilly!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

I drove through the New Forest last week and the trees there were covered with frost as well. It was like being in one of those glitter tree Christmas cards as the sun shone through them, amazing and breathtaking... but very cold!

abby said...

gorgeous. glass decorations. snow due here Thursday. I'm due to leave the island for Christmas- If I can get out! Stay warm x

willow said...

I much prefer frost to snow, just as pretty but far less inconvenient.
I am hoping we are going to miss out on the next lot of snow as well, looks like the far north is going to get some so I hope it doesn't disrupt the travel plans.