Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowed in

It was bound to happen really, we have missed out on the snow so far this winter but on Saturday it snowed.

A pity that it was the day I was picking up eldest son from university. It was just starting to snow very gently as we loaded the car with blankets and thermos just in case things turned nasty. They did, at just the moment I set off. The snow fell so fast and froze on the windscreen and that together with the freezing fog soon led to the decision to turn back.

Thank goodness for trains, there were delays but they were running.

The student is home. He repacked, bringing home just the minimum. Then walk, train, tube, train, train and he was here. His brother walked down to meet him with an empty rucksack so that they could share the load on the walk up the hill from station to home.

These photographs were taken on the walk down to the station to meet him. Once I knew he was back safely I could begin to appreciate how pretty everything looked.


Simply Authentic said...

Gorgeous but definitely put a wrench in your plans. Glad he was able to get home safe and sound. How sweet that the younger son went out to help him carry the load home! :) Hope you have a beautiful and wonderful week this week.

Moonroot said...

Glad to hear your son got home OK, and love that his brother went to his aid!
The photos are beautiful. We too are snowed in, and I'm trying to enjoy the beauty more than fume against the enforced isolation.

abby said...

Merry Christmas! Have a fab festive season and a wonderful New Year. Best wishes. abby x