Thursday, 30 June 2011

Evening sunshine

We have passed the longest day now so little by little the evenings are getting shorter. We have been making the most of the longer daylight with some late evening walks.

I have been taking my camera, trying to capture the golden light.

We have had several very calm still evenings with no breeze and cloudless skies.

These photographs were taken at the Silchester, as we walked along the walls which once surrounded a busy roman town.

It is strange to think that hundreds of years ago people could well have stood watching the sunset at this very spot.

Now there is no visible sign of the town and inside the circle of the walls there is just one house and the church in the photograph below. However aerial photographs, particularly if taken during dry summers show the grid pattern of the buildings and streets that were here all that time ago.

There is a good photograph in this guide.

Today it is a very peaceful place to watch the sunset.

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