Thursday, 13 June 2013

a day in my life

Today was a work day and I didn't take any photographs so the only picture is the trees at the edge of the garden taken this evening.

We returned from a five day mini-holiday late yesterday evening (I have loads of photographs from that for another post) so today I wanted to catch up and get everything straight.

The alarm clock was set for six as usual and today I dropped my husband at the station and took eldest son to work. I had done some washing overnight and the weather forecast was good so I hung two loads of washing outside even though it was actually raining while I did this! My grocery delivery came as I finished breakfast so that had to be unpacked. I made nut milk from almonds I soaked overnight and then prepared my packed lunch and went to work.

After work I gave eldest son a lift home and we sat down for a cup of tea. I spent some time on my laptop catching up on a few blogs and then made dinner which was roasted vegetables and brown rice.

After dinner, a couple of phone calls with family and then I caught up with the ironing. It was the right decision to hang out the washing in the rain as the weather improved during the day and I got everything dry.

Its getting late now but I think there is still time to look at the wool shade card that arrived a few days ago and to choose the colours of the Lett-Lopi wool I will need to knit an Icelandic cardigan. A pleasant way to end a busy day.

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