Thursday, 20 June 2013

Somerset holiday - day two

Some views from our walk from Porlock to Bossington and then to Hurlestone Point. The paths were edged with wild flowers.

At Hurlstone point there is an old coastguard station, and idyllic place in calm warm weather but not so pleasant in the winter. Difficult to tell from this photograph but it is right on the edge of the hill, to the left of the railings beside the footpath is an almost vertical drop to the sea.It was built around 1900 and continuously manned until after World War 2.  Inside I could see a large fire place, it must have been a difficult building to heat in stormy winter weather.

Flowers including thrift

and stonecrop were growing in crevices in the rocks

thriving in the harsh environment.

The view of Bossington beach was impressive as we looked back to Porlock on the other side of the bay.

We followed the footpath around the side of the hill

and walked down to Bossington. This very pretty village is managed by the National Trust as part of the Holnicote Estate. It was very quiet and I was able to take these photographs whilst there were no cars about.

There are no modern houses in the village street so I imagine that it has looked very much the same for many years.

The round structure at the front of this cottage is the bread oven and many of the houses have them.

We reached the tea room just in time for lunch.

I liked this little arrangement in the garden "tea thyme". I thought of you, Heather, when I saw it, I know you like all things tea related.

After our lunch we returned to Porlock along a footpath between high hedges. In the photograph below taken from the hill above you can see the footpath on the right winding it way between the fields. A beautiful place to walk.


Heather L. said...

oh wow! Every one of your photos is just amazing! i hope we will see things like this on our own visit to the Lake District and Scotland. Thanks for the "tea thyme" picture!!! Such a cute idea and I had to pin that picture of the tearoom garden because it is just delightful!

Heather L. said...

Do you know I am so excited that we will see the heather in bloom because in the five autumns that we lived there we never once had a car to drive up into the highlands and really see it in bloom over a large area. This was one great sadness to me when we moved back, especially given my name. This time we will have a car and spend a week on Skye!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous again and I love seeing all the history. That path you photographed calls to me to run along it--how amazing would that be!