Tuesday, 14 January 2014

January garden

I was in the garden this morning hanging out the washing when I noticed these, the very first snowdrops. Last year in January we had snow and the snowdrops were about a fortnight later.

While I had my camera with me I took a few more photographs of my January garden.

The winter jasmine,

some very nibbled blue primroses

and viburnum flowers (this is Viburnum bodnantense - dawn).

After frosty nights the last couple of days have been clear and bright which is a pleasant change from all the grey and rain of the past few weeks.


VintagePretty said...

Hello Willow!

I am envious of your garden being so much ahead of us! What a fantasic show of colour. I had a viburnum ('Eve Price' I think?) at the old house and loved its tiny flowers and rich, green foliage.

I'm glad that you're on board for the photo challenge - it's going to only be as complex/time consuming as you want it to be and you don't have to post daily (I will inevitably clump mine together and do a few larger posts when time allows)! The post will go up in the next week or so :)

Best wishes,

Tash from vintagepretty.org

Heather L. said...

Oh I always envy you the more temperate climate that allows you to have so much blooming in the January garden! I must find snowdrops! They were my favorite as a child. I think I'm going to have to go to a specialty store and look for the bulbs -- in the fall. I'm reading the best book right now -- Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life and it goes through her garden season by season with artwork and photos new and old. I would love to have more happening in my garden in winter. Just today I purchased 6 primroses from Aldi as they are just gorgeous and only 99 cents each. At least I will have something blooming indoors and perhaps they will keep unit March when I will add them to my garden. I don't think I will see primroses blooming in my garden until late February or early March.