Thursday, 30 January 2014

taking photographs

I have taken photographs for as long as I can remember. I was probably about six years old when I got my first camera. I took black and white photographs which my father developed and printed in his makeshift dark room. Film was expensive and photographs were really only taken to mark special occasions or events.

I changed to colour photography when commercial developing and printing became cheaper which was  around the time that I considered black and white photography "old fashioned".

Photography continued to be a hobby but the number of photographs that I took was still limited by the cost. I used to send mine away for processing which at the time was the cheapest method and it was always great to get a packet of photographs in the post. I was much more selective in the photographs I took back then.

I have had a digital camera for the last seven years and now have 12,000 photographs on the computer, over 1600 of them just in the last twelve months. It is so easy to take multiple pictures but when they are "hidden away" on the laptop, I don't look at them as much as I used to when I made proper albums, securing them with photo corners and labelling with the place and date. This year I am trying to be more mindful of the photographs that I do take, more discriminating when choosing which to keep and hopefully taking the time to print more or create photo-books so I can look at the finished pictures rather than just know they are on the laptop.

Thinking a bit more about the photographs I am taking, I am joining Tash from Vintage Pretty in her February Photo Challenge. She has created a list of prompts, one for each day of the month.

I don't expect to complete them all or to take them on the correct day but perhaps if I can't take one to fit the days prompt, I might be able to search back through my older pictures and let some of them see the light of day - bending the rules a little but I don't think Tash will mind. The details of the February Photo Challenge are here.

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VintagePretty said...

I'm so glad that you're joining in - feel free to do it however is best for you. I hope you enjoy it :)

I know what you mean about photos not getting printed as much as they used to (I used to love getting Truprint envelopes in the post!), so I now save a folder where I put all the photos that I want to get printed and visit my local Asda store where they print them very reasonably (and use proper Fuji archive paper).

Talking about 35mm, though black and white film is fairly niche now, it's not very expensive (about the same as colour film) to buy and develop the stuff at home - and thanks to the new developing tanks you don't need a dark-room (a start-up kit will cost about £50 with enough chemicals to develop ~10 films). I love developing my own films - it's a real joy not knowing what has come out well and how your film and chemical combination will change your images.

Anyway, enjoy the challenge :)

Best wishes,
Tash from