Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Natural dyed scarf

I have knitted on and off since I was a child of five or six and so have the usual hoard of left over balls of wool. Since I learnt to spin five years ago bags of fleece have been accumulating as well. As part of a simplifying and decluttering process I am aiming to knit mostly from the stash instead of adding to it.
The first stock depleting article is a Mobius Scarf form Simply Knitting magazine (Issue 14 Spring 2006). This used up a small (100g) bag of hand dyed fleece I bought while on holiday in Shetland. The fleece had been dyed using walnut and tagetes and there were three colours a reddish brown, gold and a mid yellow.

I blended the fleece as I carded and spun to give a yarn (2 ply approx. aran weight) with a gradual colour change over the length from brown to yellow.

The Mobius Scarf which is a loop with one twist is knitted on a circular needle in a double loop so you start in the middle of the scarf ( in my case with the brown) and knit on both sides at once. Its not as complicated as I make it sound and a quick search has revealed a lot of free patterns on the web.

It is really warm and cosy and it is good to think that such rich colours came from natural dyes.

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littlejennywren said...

I love those beautiful rich colours. it looks lovely.