Monday, 22 January 2007

Shipping News

Iwas listening to the radio while cooking dinner this evening and heard about the ship MSC Napoli which is beached just a mile from the Devon coast after getting into difficulties in the storms last week. Over 200 large containers have been lost from the ship and some have been washed up on the local beach revealing their contents -BMW motorbikes, barrels of wine and sherry, car parts, toys, nappies , cosmetics and cat food!
It made me think about the amount of stuff that must be transported around the world. This was just one ship and it had 2400 containers on board. There must be hundreds if not thousands of ships moving constantly all over the world. How much longer will we be able to use our precious fossil fuels to move things around the world instead of making them where they are needed? - and how many of them are really needed anyway?

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