Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Sun has moved round!

No, its alright, I know it hasn't. I realise that its not the sun thats moving. I should probably say something like the angle of the earth facing the sun has changed or something like that.
Anyway the important thing for me is that I get to see more of it. We are surrounded by other houses quite close which means that for a month either side of the shortest day we don't get much sun, maybe just a bit in an upstairs window and nothing in the garden. Today it is a bright sunny day and the sun is shining on my washing. OK so its not the most exciting news but we don't have a tumble drier and I try to get all our washing dried outside as we have condensation just running down the windows anyway and it is much worse if I spread damp washing around the house.
So, simple pleasures, the darkest part of the winter is over, the sun is back and it will be easier to get the washing dry.

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