Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Allotment planning and planting

Its that time of year again. The recent warm days have started me thinking about what I will be growing this year at my allotment. The photo shows my choices for this year. Its actually very similar most years but this year I have decided not to grow potatoes. Last summer nearly all potatoes on the site suffered from blight and as it can linger in the soil I have decided to give them a miss for a year. The tomatoes will be grown at home away from other tomatoes and potatoes and I have chosen a blight resistant variety, Ferline ( thanks to moonroot for the recomendation) so I am hoping for a better crop than last summer.

I wanted to grow something new instead of the potatoes and I have chosen sweetcorn. I've never grown this before but other plot holders have. It was another crop that didn't do too well last year so perhaps this year will be a good year.

I have taken advantage of the recent warm weather and have already planted the onion sets and the broad beans together with some parsnips from saved seeds. This week I shall sow the leek seeds and possibly a row of early carrots. I like this time of year at the allotment, all the fun of planning and planting without all the mid-summer weeding and watering!

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barefoot gardener said...

I have an award for you! Come on over and pick it up!