Wednesday, 6 February 2008


I've been tagged for an archive meme by Alexah at Learning to Step Lightly. There are five categories and I have to link back to a post I have written in each category. These are the rules and categories.

Below are the rules as they were presented to me:

Archive Meme Instructions: Go back through your archives and post the links to your five favorite blog posts that you’ve written. … but there is a catch:

Link 1 must be about family.
Link 2 must be about friends.
Link 3 must be about yourself, who you are… what you’re all about.
Link 4 must be about something you love.
Link 5 can be anything you choose.

I think this is a great way to circulate some of the great older posts everyone had written, return to a few great places in our memories and also learn a little something about ourselves and each other that we may not know. Post your five links and then tag five other people. At least TWO of the people you tag must be *newer acquaintances so that you get to know each other better….and don’t forget to read the archive posts and leave comments!

Looking at the categories listed I realise that I write very little about family, friends or myself. I am quite a private person and tend to keep things to myself and so don't write much about us other than in general terms. So the first three categories are going to be a bit tricky!

Link 1 - Family

I have chosen Pale Grey Days in which I mention the problems of living far away from family, in this instance the distance I live from my parents.

Link 2 - Friends.

I have written nothing about friends at all but rather than leave this section blank I have included this post about the arrival of our Chickens. Well, you can be friends with chickens can't you?

Link 3 - me.

I haven't written anything about myself. However, as the name of my blog suggests I do spend a lot of time thinking about the changes that have happened to our lifestyles in the last hundred years since we started living our current fossil fueled lifestyles and also wondering, as we reach Peak Oil and we have to cut back on fuel use, how our way of life will change once again. So the post I have chosen isn't really about me but it about the way I think - the post is Quiet.

Link 4 - something I love.

In contrast to the first three categories, there are many posts that I could choose for this, knitting, gardening, cooking, nature. The post I have chosen is Bluebells. This is a picture post of the bluebell wood just a few miles from home and at bluebell time it is my favourite place.

Link 5 - anything.

Again a big choice here, I have chosen Simple Living. Living Simply best sums up how I would like to live my life and I enjoy focusing on the details of each day.

Now I have to choose five people to tag. They are



hi there, thanks lots for the tag! it sounds a tough one, as i, like you, for example talk little about more personal things on my blog... but i'll have a go at it over the next few days! thanks a lot, off to read your old posts as well! sounds like fun! :) happy sunday

the flour loft said...

Hi Willow,
thank you for the tag.. it was difficult at first but i enjoyed looking back and have completed the challenge. I loved your quiet post the first time around and enjoyed reading it again. Simple living and living to appreciate the ordinary days which are so full of wonder.... you describe it so i have said before you have been such an inspiration to me. thank you

Moonroot said...

Thanks - it was a challenge but fun!


thanks a lot for sharing yours with us too! those photos of the bluebells took me back to being little, bliss, thanks.
i've now done the meme and posted up, i agree, it was difficult, but good fun!