Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A day in my life

This is my second month taking part in Jenny's "a day in my life" project.

Wednesday 14th May.

Today has been a very "bitty" sort of day. I have done lots of little things but not very much of anything.

I must be very tired at the moment because I slept right through the alarm this morning and didn't wake until my husband brought me a cup of tea at ten to seven. It was nice having the extra sleep but somehow I've spent the day trying to catch up. Luckily the packed lunches were already made, only two today as my younger son is on study leave and Wednesday is a day at home for me.

After waking the boys, eating breakfast and starting the bread I went to water the allotment.

Its been dry for a while here and I have been watering every day but rain is forcast so I'm hoping we will get some. Not much to harvest today, just some salad leaves for lunch.

I drove home and turned straight round and drove my eldest son to school. He has just eight days left so that will be a journey I won't be making for much longer.

Back home and just time to start dinner, chicken in the slow cooker, before going to my weekly yoga class. I push blocks, belt, blanket and a water cup in a bag, balance my mat on the top and them stagger the half mile to the village hall. Yoga stuff is so bulky to carry but its such a short distance it doesn't seem worth taking the car.

After the class, feeling suitably stretched and relaxed I walk home and start rushing around again. My bread rolls are on the counter ready to go in the oven but with the hot weather they have risen and sunk back, I bake them anyway and we will have very flat rolls for a couple of days. In the winter while I was at my class they rose perfectly but now the temperatures are higher I shall have to rethink my schedule.

Yesterday I bought some rhubarb that had been reduced in price and I decided to bottle it. There was enough to fill two small Kilner Jars.

While it was heating I had lunch of warm bread rolls, cheese and salad with my younger son. I think he is finding it quiet at home revising and is missing the day to day company of his school friends.

I spent the afternoon doing housework, ironing, watering the pots of potatoes and tomatoes in the garden, giving the chickens their afternoon corn and collecting my eldest son from school.

These are the potatoes I planted at the end of February. They have put on a lot of top growth - I hope there are a lot of potatoes being formed as well.

Dinner was easy tonight. The chicken had been quietly cooking all day so all I had to do was the veg and potatoes. I baked potatoes to make it really easy and made some shortbread at the same time so that the oven would be full. I need lots of snacks and treats for my revising teenagers.

I like this method of cooking chicken, both because it is so easy and because the meat is always so tender. We ate about half of the meat so there is plenty for another day and this evening I boiled the bones to make stock. I usually use the stock in soups but now its a bit warm for soups I will probably use it in a rissotto.

After the dinner washing up was finished I phoned my parents and then it was back into the kitchen to make packed lunches, three this time because I'm at work tomorrow.

Physics coursework had priority computer use this evening so it getting late now as I type this.

Good night.


libby said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I've got both yoga and making rolls to list of things to try :-).


Cathy said...

Hello Willow
Thanks for telling us about your day. Nice peaceful one it was
Take care

Heather L. said...

I love reading about your "day in your life." I really want to do one sometime on my blog. Maybe I'm fascinated because I love reading memoirs and finding out about other's lives.

I love chicken in the slow cooker too!

Simply Authentic said...

It seems like a pretty busy day to me! How neat to see just how you conserve and make adjustment to live in alignment with your values. I loved the photo of the watering!

BurdockBoy said...

Hello. Sounds like an interesting day.
I have never tried potatoes in pots before. Although I have grown them in old tires with straw and compost. Potatoes are so odd because they really don't need much soil.

I may have to try this experiment again.

Jenny said...

The chicken looks delicious.
It's amazing how much teenage boys can eat, scary in fact. I hope all goes well with the end of school.