Sunday, 18 May 2008

A woodland walk

I think this is one of the best times of the year to walk through woodland. There is so much fresh new growth on the trees and on the woodland floor. We walked through these local woods just after a rain storm and it seemed that we could almost feel everything growing. In the photo above the woodland floor is covered with bilberry bushes, I made a mental note to return in the summer when the berries are ripe.

The woods were filled with birdsong and we heard a cuckoo calling. This year I have heard the cuckoo more often than usual. I know the numbers have declined in recent summers but I don't know if they are recovering or whether its just that we are lucky to have a few birds nearby.

Back home in our smallish garden all this new growth has to be contained so today I tackled some pruning. A pile of leaves and twigs proved to be the perfect playground for the chickens.

Scratching about in the twigs must have been quite exhausting for one chicken who decided it was all too much and just settled down in the middle of the pile for a little snooze!


Heather L. said...

I just love walks in the woods! Thanks for identifying what is on our pond -- tiny round leaves is exactly what that was, so now I'll know: duckweed. I love hearing all the birdsong too.

libby said...

Beautiful photos. Love the one of the chook (chicken) lying on the leaves - so cute!!!


woolies said...

Ah, I miss the woods. Used to spend part of every weekend in the woods - there aren't woods out here in the wild west of the US.
Great blog, wonderful pics.