Saturday, 3 May 2008

Spring Bank Holiday

There seem to be a lot of holidays at this time of year especially so this year with Easter being separated from the school holidays. The May bank holiday has always been one of my favourites, right at the beginning of summer, with lengthening evenings and the promise of warm sunny days to come.

We have had days of very heavy rain and the ground is waterlogged and muddy but the forecast for the holiday weekend is good and we should at last have some summer weather. Yesterday evening the clouds cleared away and a short evening walk seemed like a good way to start the weekend.

The oak trees looked particularly golden in the evening sun.

This one was covered in catkins.

The bluebell wood was damp and dim in the fading daylight but it looked and smelt just wonderful.

The scent of flowers often seems to be more pronounced in the evening and yesterday the air in the wood was very still.

We came out of the wood just in time to watch the sunset.

Have a good weekend.


Heather L. said...

I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend! The lighting in your pictures is just beautiful, and I loved the bluebells. We are off to a wedding today.

Simply Authentic said...

As always so beautiful! I love the pictures! Glad you are getting a holiday!

Moonroot said...

Sounds like you had a lovely walk! I just love this time of year in the UK. And I love bluebell woods!

a home far away said...

So many nice spring photos! It reminds me of my home country Sweden:-)


BurdockBoy said...

I guess spring has sprung there. Lovely.

Mrs J said...

I arrived here for the first time via 'Blackberry Rambles' & your comment on language variations between USenglish & Ukenglish -it was exactly my reaction! Lovely photos!