Friday, 24 October 2008

Catching up

I know haven't posted for over a week. Last weekend was a busy one, juggling lots of activities, taking and picking up older son from work and younger son to and from a Lacrosse match as well as spending some time with my husband who returned from two weeks away in the States.

Then I had to work on Monday and on Tuesday I hurt my back. It is stiff and sore and all I did was bend down to get a tray out from a cupboard. I am very cross with myself, I don't suppose I could have helped it, but it is very annoying not being able to sit or move comfortably. Still today it is definitely getting better.

Back to last weekend and I got this,

Ginny and Alice's book. I went to Waterstones in Farnham where they were doing a book signing and met them both. I have been following Ginny's blog almost since she started blogging so it was great to meet her in person. She and Alice were very friendly and it was lovely to chat and to see some of their finished articles.

The book is full of ideas and inspiration. Although I used to sew and make clothes, recently the only time I've used my sewing machine is to make curtains. I have been flicking through the pages and have earmarked a couple of things to try.

Now though its time to try and do some housework without bending my back. I will be able to dust window sills and the mantelpiece but anything higher or lower will have to wait!


pebbledash said...

Hello Willow, it's a beautiful book, isn't it? And even better when you've met the lovely authors in person.How kind of you to go and support their book signing. Happy weekend, and look forward to seeing what you make!
Diana x

the flour loft said...

Hi Willow,
so sorry to hear about your back... can't your men do the high and the low dusting this week for you?
So so lovely to meet you... i have a photo of us that my mum took ... i shall send it to you... we are all very smiley. Hope you have a happy weekend.
with love
Ginny xx

Simply Authentic said...

Goodness, lots going on over there! I hope you heal up's never fun to feel that our body has let us down...although maybe it's your body allowing you needed rest. May you heal up quickly and have a restful weekend!