Friday, 17 October 2008


I have never made chutney before but this year an excess of green tomatoes prompted me to have a go.

I put some music on and spend a pleasant time in the kitchen peeling and chopping, turning this

into this

which simmered down to this

and was then put into jars.

I used this recipe. The apples, tomatoes and onions (I used onions instead of shallots) were from the allotment and garden.
I tasted some from the odd half jar that you always seem to get left over when you preserve stuff and although it was quite nice it had quite a strong vinegar flavour. I know that chutneys are supposed to be left for a couple of months before eating so I'm hoping that the flavour will mellow a bit during storage.


Compostwoman said...

mmm chutney!

The flavour WILL mellow if you leave it for a few months in the cool and dark...also, did you use malt vinegar? as that seems to have a harsher flavout IMO, than cider or wine vinegars....

let us know what you think in a couple of months when you try it!

willow said...

I did use malt vinegar as the recipe stated. I had to buy it specially as I usually use wine vinegar in cooking, maybe I should have stuck with that.
The jars are now in the garage so I will forget about them for a few months and then see if the flavour has improved.

BurdockBoy said...

Darn, I should have made that. I had an excess of apples and green tomatoes-even shallots. Great idea.

Heather L. said...

Wonderful pictures -- wish I could taste some too. :) Makes me want to make some. I made my first chutney when we lived in Scotland -- actually made a few types and really enjoyed it. will have to try again. Pumpkin chutney is on my list

the flour loft said...

The chutney looks amazing Willow... i have a few apples and green toms left so may have enough to make some. So so lovely to meet you and your husband yesterday...thank you so much for coming... it is lovely to put a face to you now... i just wish i could have spend more time with you... another time maybe? hope you had a lovely day in Farnham.
with love
ginny xx

Simply Authentic said...

looks delicious!

Moonroot said...

This is making my mouth water... Mmm, chutney!

And... Tag - you're it! Details on my blog.