Monday, 18 May 2009

Blog award

I was given this blog award a few days ago by moonroot.  Thank you very much, I was so pleased to be given something with the word creative in the title because I've spent most of my life thinking I'm not creative at all.  

Isn't it funny how we form opinions of ourselves when we are at school and these stay with us for years. In my case, I was good at science and hopeless at art, so science was what I did, O levels, A levels, degree, job, all science with no artistic or creative thoughts at all.  Its only just recently as I've become more interested in my photography and started knitting without following a pattern that I have begun to wonder if there is just a little bit of creativity hidden somewhere inside that might surface one day!

Anyway, here are the award rules,

  • Copy and paste this award to your blog.
  • List seven of your favourite things and pass it along to at least seven others.
Here are seven random favourite things,

Early mornings but only in summer. In winter I find it really difficult to get up in the dark but in summer I'm always the first one up - a few minutes peace and quiet at the start of the day.

Shetland.  Of all the places I've visited this has to be my favourite, absolutely beautiful, very friendly people, lots of history, lots of knitting and spinning and never more than three miles from the sea. Of course it is a collection of islands and it would be difficult to pick a favourite but Fair Isle and Unst are very special places.

Coffee, freshly ground and served in a cup or small mug - I'm not keen on large American style mugs.  I grind my coffee beans each morning and the first cup of the day is the best.

Bluebells.  This blog has been full of photographs of bluebells over the last few weeks, they are my favourite flower and this seems to have been a good year for them.

Rock pools.  I love the coast particularly beaches with rock pools to explore.  I like watching the tide come in over the rocks and watching the sea anemones unfurl as they become submerged once more.

Apples. I like all types of fruits in season but its apples that I eat almost every day of the year.  My favourite are the early apples, Discovery and the Worcesters but I like most varieties.  I try to only eat British apples which at this time of the year starts to get a bit more difficult but still possible.

Photography. I love taking photos and have a camera with me all the time.  I would like to learn more about photography some time but at the moment I just enjoy taking lots of pictures.

As always its very difficult to choose seven blogs to pass the award on to so I'm going to duck out of this one and say that I think all the blogs in my list of favourite reads are worthy of this award - please play along if you want to.

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Heather L. said...

A very nice post. I've never been to Shetland but we have good friends up there and so have had calendars at times and see photos and hear stories.

Yes, I think you are very creative -- it takes a lot of creativity to "live green" and to cook from scratch, raise a garden, etc. not to mention knitting and photography.