Friday, 1 May 2009


Bluebells, if I had to pick a favourite flower, it would be bluebells.

I've walked in this woodland several times over the last week or so watching the blue colour develop.

This year the bluebells are a little later and the ferns are growing through them. The colour is less intense, instead there is a lovely tapestry effect of blue and green.

The flowers are so graceful,

all slightly different shades of blue

and they fill the woods with a lovely soft scent.

There must be hundreds of flowers here,

a very special time of year in the wood.


libby said...

Just beautiful. I'm so jealous!!!!


Trekky said...

Gorgeous pictures of Bluebells. I love the way they cover the forest floor.

Heather L. said...

So beautiful!! We have something blue blooming just now in many woodlands. It is not identical to your bluebell, but I wonder if it is in the same family. i must look it up in the flower book. It definately creates the same effect.

Moonroot said...

There really is nothing else quite like a bluebell wood at this time of year. It was one of the things I got quite homesick about when we lived in Australia! There are plenty of bluebells here in Wales, though, so I'm content.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree - such lovely flowers. It's wonderful to see whole swathes of them carpeting the woodland. Lovely pictures.