Sunday, 24 May 2009


Its a bank holiday weekend and we have bright sunny weather.  We are enjoying the weekend at home, well those of us who don't have exam revision or a job to go to.  It is unusual and rather nice that this weekend it is my husband and me who have the freedom to do as we like and the boys who have things they should be doing.

Yesterday after taking my eldest to work for 7 am we went for an early morning walk.  We went to Ladle Hill, one of the few hills around here. It is the site of an unfinished Iron Age hill fort and there are interesting earthworks.

There is a clump of beech trees which I always photograph.  They are very striking at all times of the year.

This was taken on New Years day when they were covered in hoar frost,

in early April, bare branches against the grey sky

and yesterday, coming into leaf.

Its a lovely place to be at all times of the year but I think yesterday, early morning, early summer surrounded by wild flowers was one of the best days.

The last photograph shows a view of Beacon Hill where there is also an Iron Age fort, it must have been quite busy around this area back then.

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Footsteps NZ-TZ said...

Hey there, I paid a visit to Avebury a month or so ago and some very old Beech trees fascinated me because of their root structure (above ground). Most people don't notice this sort of thing.