Thursday, 14 May 2009

A day in my life

Yesterday was the 14th, the day of the month I write my "day in my life" posts.  

Thursday is a work day and it was a busy morning as eldest son was working an early shift and I had to drive him to work for seven. So, up early, drive him to work, back just a few minutes before my husband left for work, just time to give him his packed lunch  and say good-bye.

It had rained in the night and the front garden was full of slugs. I don't like using slug pellets but I did buy some "suitable for organic gardens" last year when I lost so many small plants at the allotment.  We have a tiny, half barrel pond in the front garden with some frogs so slug pellets are out of the question at home and this slug and his friends lived to munch another day.

Out into the back garden to let the chickens into their half and pick some salad leaves from my half to make a salad roll for lunch.

Youngest son is on study leave at the moment and wanted me to make sure he was up before I went to work.  I woke him at 7:30 and then again at 8:00 and finally just as I was leaving at 8:15 when he hauled himself into a sitting position to prove to both of us that he really was awake.  Teenagers, bless them, living in a completely different time zone.

The day of work passed and then back to family activities.  Drove to pick up eldest son after work and we both arrived home just after half past three.  The front door was opened before we had even got out of the car, younger son desperate for conversation and distraction after a day of physics revision.

The three of us had a drink and a chat for half an hour then I took a second mug of tea and a book out in the garden for some quiet time with the chickens.

I watered the potted plants, these are in the mini greenhouse until I am sure we won't be hit by frost

and my pot of salad leaves which is getting a bit old now but has been brilliant for weeks.

Its nice to see that in the non-chicken part of the garden the flowers are beginning to recover

I may get my cottage garden flowers back again after all.

The day continued in its usual routine way, a mountain of washing up from breakfast and yesterdays late evening snacks that I didn't have time to tackle in the morning then cooking the meal.  Sausages and potato wedges tonight, simple favourite foods at the moment for the exam boy.

A little bit of television (Kirstie), a little bit of blog reading, packed lunches for the next day, the usual routine family evening and the end of another day in my life.


nadia said...

hello there!
i have a book called 50 ways to kill a slug. fortunately in reality they're not all ways to kill slugs but also to deter them. one i found particularly convincing was the idea of putting down broken eggshell around plants that you don't want them to eat. they don't like slithering over it.
nadia (shadowsandclouds.blogspot)

Heather L. said...

Your seasonal photos on the side are so beautiful! I love the shades of color around us at this time of year. Just noticing today the vibrant, wet green everywhere after all the rain.

Your salad leaves look lovely. Can't wait until I have my own! Slugs are nasty! We don't suffer from them here, I don't think, but I remember them in Scotland! UGH! And one place we stayed in London -- they were everywhere in the garden and had left snail shells all over!

libby said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Love all the photos of your life. I so can't wait to get back to England next year.