Saturday, 8 May 2010


I know I post pictures like this every year but I never get tired of photographing the bluebells, this is a glimpse of them a couple of days ago.

A definite benefit of working part time is that on my days off, I can sneak away from the housework and just a ten minute walk from the house I can be here. It feels like a totally different world.

This wood always has a calm peaceful atmosphere whatever the time of year, but at bluebell time it is just perfect. I feel very lucky to be able to spend time here.


elise said...


I am making a comment on an earlier post here because I wasn't sure if you get email notification on comments for older posts. I guess I am what you would call an occasional lurker. Meaning that I read your blog but not everyday. I was catching up on your posts and had gotten to the one where you asked about ways to get rid of moss and since I count on other people's advice about these sorts of things, I thought I would pass on some information my neighbor told me about moss. We get quite a bit of moss in our lawn and he told me that moss loves the acidic soil we have here in Pennsylvania, USA. We discourage it's growth by either adding lime or wood ashes to sweeten the soil. He was right and it really did work. We actually saw the moss die when we dosed the lawn heavily. Good luck.

willow said...

Thank you for the moss info. We do have acidic soil so that could be the problem. My brother has a wood stove, I'll ask him for some ash.

abby said...

bluebells always remind me of childhood; sitting under trees in a purple/blue haze and having picnics. blissx

ginny said...

i love your bluebell posts at the start of the bluebell season and i look forward to them and all the wonderful nature cycles that you comment on. what beautiful photos too...
wishing you a lovely week
ginny x

Simply Authentic said...

GORGEOUS! What a beautiful area to be able to walk through and enjoy on a regular basis. I always appreciate your willingness to share your surroundings with us via your pictures!!