Sunday, 30 May 2010


It rained all day yesterday - well, it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Without the rain though we wouldn't have such lush green growth in the countryside.

In a few weeks, the leaves will be older, drier, darker in colour but now the growth is young and fresh and the colours bright and clear.

During May the plants are growing fast and the landscape seems to change almost daily. Amazing to think that all this growth is energy from the sun, trapped in plant form.


tree shadow moon said...

What a lovely time of year, there really nothing like that lush, vibrant green of early leaves!

Simply Authentic said...

Amazing vivid colors captured in your photos. That spring green used to be one of my favorite times of the year to drive through the countryside in Oregon---entire hillsides in brillant, fresh green. Glad you're out enjoying it and passing it on via the photos for the rest of us to experience along with you!

abby said...

I love the last photo in particular - looks tropical! Very cold here and dark clouds. Chuckles says hello too!

Moonroot said...

Beautiful photos. You have expressed what I have been thinking about this time of year!