Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer weather

We are having lovely early summer weather here and I am spending as much time as I can outside and consequently less time at the computer.

The allotment is keeping me busy, I have planted out some courgette plants today so hope that we don't have any cold frosty nights. The latest I have lost plants due to frost at my allotment is the first week in June so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for mild weather for a couple of weeks yet. I also only planted out half of the plants, keeping some at home just in case.

Everything seems to be growing well in the warm weather.

At home its a bit of a waiting time just now, with eldest son finished at Uni and now waiting for his summer ball before packing up and coming home and A2 exams looming for youngest son. He finished school a week ago, almost five weeks before his first exam which at the moment is feeling like a particularly long wait. We will all be relieved when they are done.

It seems such a shame that exams are held in midsummer and thousands of youngsters are indoors worrying about revision when the weather is perfect for being out in the fresh air. Perhaps the academic year should be changed to correspond to the calendar year and then all the revision could be done in the dark days of November!


abby said...

lovely photos;fern reminds me of NZ. Exams - yuk! Went back to Uni as mature student and remember the hot days and me indoors with coffee and cookies - dark room and the jealousy of others outside having a great time. It's freezing here at moment! I need some warmth on my old bones!

Simply Authentic said...

Glad you're getting some gorgeous weather finally. Definitely right about making you want to be outdoors more. We're up to 95 degree days and we're not in our hottest months yet! Bet you're glad to be spending so much time at the allotment. :)