Friday, 14 May 2010

Sage chicken

I am posting a few photos of Sage our very friendly chicken who died at the beginning of the week.  We got the two chickens, Sage and Onion almost three years ago and they have taken over our garden and until recently when they both stopped laying have provided us with eggs.

They spent their days close together, jostling for space in a pot of soil when they were younger but lately just sitting side by side in the garden.

Just after Easter, Onion seemed poorly, she was sleepy and not eating much but after several days she seemed better and now appears to have made a full recovery.

When Sage started showing the same symptoms, I hoped and expected that after a few days of being quiet she would recover and be back to her old self. Unfortunately that was not to be.

Of the two Sage was the one who liked our company most.  When I went into the garden with a mug of coffee and sat on the bench, it wasn't long before she was sitting on my lap waiting to be stroked. Onion would sit on the bench to be near but Sage always made sure she was there first. 

Onion seems fine but but a little distracted. After three years spent together, I think she is missing her friend, I know I am.


The List Writer said...

Oh, it is so very sad when a chicken dies. They have such personalities! I hope Onion cheers up soon.

ginny said...

how very sad. sounds like she was a really sweet natured hen who has given you much happiness (and yummy eggs)... thinking of you x

Simply Authentic said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Those chickens were a great source of eggs but also fun pets too. It's always sad and a transition to loose a loved creature.