Thursday, 5 August 2010


Yesterday, it rained.

Not so exciting for those in parts of the country where summer has been cool and damp but here we've had no real rain for weeks. Yesterday we had thunder and lightening and a real downpour which I hoped would soak the garden.

It didn't last long though and within a few minutes the water was evaporating in the strong sunlight and wind.

Not much good for the garden but the steaming shed roof was impressive.


pebbledash said...

Really love that first photo. It's been quite a wet few weeks here in Cornwall, so while you wish for rain, I wish for sunshine!

abby said...

Love the photos, especially the first one - like a crystal necklace. Think you might like my latest Shetland find - beautiful writing. Links on latest post - Country diary: Shetland (The Guardian). Quite delicious x