Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Early morning, a slow-worm in the garden.

Quietly lying in the sun, absorbing the warmth before moving away.

What a gentle way to start the day.


abby said...

So meditative to watch nature go about its business. Reminds me to slow down!

Compostwoman said...

Anguis Fragilis

Fragile, and oh so beautiful

willow said...

I think slow worms are beautiful and very peaceful looking creatures. Lovely to watch them moving slowly around the garden.
Yes, definitely a reminder to slow down myself!

Heather L. said...

Never heard of a slow worm before but have checked out the wikipedia. Wow -- I'm amazed you knew how to identify it, but maybe you see them frequently.

willow said...

Yes, Heather we do see them from time to time, they like to live in our compost bins.