Saturday, 7 August 2010


It was all going so well.  My 29p packet of seeds planted in compost from the compost bin (free) had grown into large healthy looking plants with plenty of fruit. I was looking forward to lots of inexpensive tomatoes.

Some were beginning to ripen. I don't really get enough sun in my garden for tomatoes, this spot under the kitchen window is the sunniest but it gets only four to five hours of sunlight each day so they are always late ripening.

Then I noticed this.

After some internet research I think it is blossom end rot. This is caused by a lack of calcium, too much nitrogen and fluctuations in soil moisture. Since the compost contained much nitrogenous chicken poop and the plants are in pots which are prone to drying out I can see how it occurred but it is disappointing.

All I can do now is to pick the affected fruit, be careful to water thoroughly and hope for the best. If it looks as if more dark spots are developing, I might pick all the tomatoes and make green tomato chutney much earlier than usual!


Heather L. said...

I'm so sorry !! That is so disappointing. I'm afraid my garden is just about done. :( the squash has rotted, the cherry tomatoes are just about over and the cucumbers are fading. :( Up until now I've only watered once because we've had so much more rain than usual, but the rain is over the HEAT is here 90's and 100's. UGH! The zinnias are doing well. Maybe next year I will get more out of the veg garden.

willow said...

After the dry spell, its been raining here today which will be good for the rest of the garden. It is hot with you, we have been lucky and escaped the heat so far this summer.