Saturday, 26 February 2011

February woodland

Almost a month since I last posted photographs of this little wood near home. The biggest difference since the end of January was how much greener it looked, so much plant growth on the woodland floor.

I searched to find some early bluebell leaves last month but now they are everywhere.

Also bright green, this patch of Dog's Mercury,

the only plant I found in flower this month.

Lots of signs of flowers to come, leaves of celandine

and yellow archangel amongst the grass.

Its still too early for any signs of leaf on the trees yet so plenty of sunshine in this little valley at this time of year.


Heather L. said...

I just can't get over your woodland in FEbruary! Is it always this green? I can't remember from past years. I was thinking how I missed your "day in the life" post each month so at least we will have the woodland post. Snow covering the ground again here. However, bulbs are up an inch or two in the garden.

willow said...

February has been quite mild here, we got all our cold and snow around Christmas and spring is on its way. I have a early daffodils in the garden and the forsythia buds are just breaking open.
Its funny that you should mention the "day in the life" posts as I had been thinking that I might start to do a them again. They were a good way to record the daily details that are easy to forget.