Sunday, 13 January 2013

A day in my life

A while back I wrote "A Day in my Life" posts on the same day each month, building up a snapshot of daily life. Between April 2008 and January 2010, I wrote twenty two posts and then I stopped, I'm not sure why.

Back in april 2008 I had two children at school and my days revolved around them and their activities. Now almost five years later, my eldest has been away to University and is now back at home while the youngest is now in his second year away at University. Life has changed and so I thought that I would restart my "Day in my Life" posts to record this new stage in my life.

Since this is 2013, I have decided to record the 13th of each month.

Sunday 13th January

Today started fairly early for a Sunday. The alarm was set for 6:25am so that I was up in time to drive eldest son to work. One thing that hasn't changed in five years is that I am needed for driving duty.

This morning my husband and I decided to go into town. We walked beside the river to the centre.

Although we haven't had too much heavy rain in the last few days, the river level is still high and it is flowing very fast. You might just be able to see in the photograph below that the water is flowing over the lock gates.

We had coffee near the river watching the world go by and then came back home.

Salad for lunch.

It was bright and sunny here this afternoon, a nice change from the recent gloomy grey weather so we headed out for a walk. 

In the shade on the higher ground there was still some ice, not sure if was a heavy frost or a light fall of snow. The temperature was around freezing and in the wind it was cold.

The frost lingered in any shaded place like this sheeps' wool caught on the shady side of the fence.

It was a bracing walk but great to be out in the fresh air.

After this I forgot to take any more pictures, I am obviously out of practice with these posts.

We followed our walk with a visit to a tea shop and then came back in time to pick eldest son from work. Dinner was roasted vegetables for all of us and sausages for the two male meat eaters.

Now I am upstairs with my laptop while downstairs there is a Bond movie being watched. We have all the Bond Films and my husband and son are watching them in date order. They watch one every couple of weeks, this week it is Live and Let Die.

So that was my Sunday 13th January. I hope I remember to post next month - please remind me if I forget!


Everyday Things said...

I am enjoying the photos, doesnt look that cold yet over there. we watched the lasted james bond film this weekend - skyfall - must say I really enjoyed it despite myself!

Journey Authentically said...

Oh good, I love these :) And what a great day it was--the walk along the river and afternoon walk both sounded wonderful!

Heather L. said...

I'm glad you are going to do "day posts" again! Always enjoyable! Also love the trees that you photographed on one of your walks.