Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

The photographs were taken in Shetland on our holiday last November. Here, at the moment, all is grey, rain and sodden. For the start of a new year I wanted something brighter and more optimistic. I love the sea and the coast, the feeling of openness and space.

I have posted the second photograph before, it is one of my favourites from our trip. I hope there will be adventures and opportunities to explore in 2013, like the little red boat leaving the harbour for the wider sea.

All the best for 2013.


Everyday Things said...

all the best to you too for a very happy year ahead, with many blessings too! Ive never been to shetlands must put it down on my bucket list!

Moonroot said...

How gorgeous! Happy New Year to you!

Journey Authentically said...

Happy new year to you!! :) I too hope your year contains some more great trips :)