Thursday, 24 January 2013


Thawing, melting, then some more snow, then thawing, some snow melting, then more snow.

It has been a week since the first flakes fell and I am already fed up with this snow, or more particularly with the  icy road outside our house.  Yet each time the temperature rises slightly and a little snow melts, it is immediately followed by a fresh fall.

This time though I think that this really is the thaw. The temperature is set to rise and as far as I know we are not forecast to get any more snow.

It has been very pretty but I won't be sorry to see it go,

although it does create interesting shapes and patterns as it melts.


Everyday Things said...

and too early for spring yet isnt it? I remember feeling that I was glad when the snow went, and at the same time sad to see it go! are those bird foot prints there?

willow said...

Spring seems a long way away at the moment but I'm hoping there may be a few early snowdrops in the garden under the snow.
Yes the footprints are pigeon prints - I sprinkled bird seeds for the robin who was longingly looking at me through the kitchen window but he didn't get too many before a pair of wood pigeons gobbled the rest. Same story every morning, greedy birds, pigeons.

Moonroot said...

It's completely melted here now, and I am greatly relieved.
I love the photos, especially the bird prints on the cross of snow!

VintagePretty said...

I'm so glad that it is now thawing - though the snow was pretty, having to walk on paths that were slippery and treacherous with ice was not fun at all. The daffs are blooming on my mantelpiece and I hope that they are a sign of the spring to come. It has definitely been a long winter indeed.

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