Monday, 7 January 2013

return to routine

The holidays are over. We took the student back to university yesterday and we are back to our normal routine. After a week and a half of gentle waking as daylight arrived, we are back to six o'clock alarms - we have two alarm clocks, one each, in case one of us forgets to set the time.

It is so dark at six in the morning and it feels like the middle of the night when I drive down to the station at six thirty. I am lucky I can come home to a mug of coffee, my husband has to cope with commuting. Then its dark again when I pick him up from the station at seven in the evening. Wouldn't it be great if we could have shorter working hours in the dark days of winter so we could be at home for longer - a sort of mini-hibernation. I wonder if it would catch on.


Journey Authentically said...

I so agree, Willow. Makes more sense to follow the sun---sleep more in winter and work/play more in summer. I imagine that's what our natural cycle truly is supposed to be! glad you've got that mug of coffee waiting for you at home each day :)

Everyday Things said...

and very soon your days will be longer and ours shoter and so the cycle of the seasons goes on! love the photo!

willow said...

Everyday Things,
I see how hot the weather has been for you this Christmas, hard to imagine. As you say the cycle continues wherever we are. I love noting the changes of the seasons throughout the year.