Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Knitting update, Rams and Yowes

I am making progress on my Rams and Yowes blanket and have been happily knitting round and round following the pattern and creating rows of sheep. This week I finished the fairisle centre panel and for the first time attempted a steek.
The photograph above shows the lines of crochet reinforcement and below I am bravely cutting between the lines of crochet.

It was nerve wracking to take the scissors to my knitting but following Kates excellent tutorials, everything turned out well and I could spread out my knitting and see the entire design. I took it outside to photograph this momentous event in the sunshine.

One thing I like about stranded knitting is how the back looks almost as interesting as the front.

Now "all" I have to do is pick up nearly 800 stitches for the border and knit another 72 rows, Still a long way to go.

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Moonroot said...

It's gorgeous, and I am in awe. I love my knitting but that kind of complicated colourwork scares me to death! A stripey scarf is about as bold as I get...