Friday, 8 February 2013


I realise that blogging about what you ate for lunch is considered a bit boring, but I liked the colours of my lunches at work this week and took photographs to help me remember what I made.

I take lunch to work on Thursday and Friday so on Wednesday I base our evening meal around some sort of grain which will also form the base of my salad for the following days. This week the grain was black rice to which I added borlotti beans and pomegranate.

The dressing was tahini lemon dressing.
1 tsp tahini
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp olive oil
0.5 tsp maple syrup

I added a salad of mixed leaves and sprinkled pumpkin seeds on the top - simple, nutritious and full of flavour and colour.


VintagePretty said...

What a lovely lunch! I love the texture of grains and legumes but I hadn't though of adding pomegranate - genius - and a fruit that would add a wonderful crunchy texture. Delish.

Tash over at

Heather L. said...

oh that looks and sounds delicious! I must try that dressing you mentioned.

Journey Authentically said...

This looks great and PLEASE do post. This gives me additional ideas for lunches and meals too--I'd love to see more. I also am in love with black rice---it tastes so amazing--nutty!