Thursday, 15 August 2013

a day in my life

a day in my life - Wednesday 14th.

I've been posting these posts on the 13th of the month but this week I completely forgot so this is a day late. My excuse is a lingering cold, a sore throat for a week with headaches and shivering thrown in from time to time. I am not good at taking things easy when I don't feel well, my instinct is to push through but this doesn't seem to be working so my day was one of rest and hopefully recuperation.

Up early (there is only so much rest I can take without being an inconvenience!) to take my husband to the station for 6:45 and my son to work for 7:00. Returning home I made breakfast but didn't feel like eating it so went back to bed for a couple of hours and ate it later.

After another rest I printed some of my photographs from our holiday in Iceland ready to show to friends in the evening.

Next, lunch

followed by a little knitting in the garden.

This is my current project, the top down Icelandic sweater from Craftsy. It is knitted in the round but will be a cardigan so I will be cutting the steek down the centre. This will be the second time I have cut a steek, the first in the Rams and Yowes blanket went well but there are fewer steek stitches in this pattern so I expect it will be just a stressful second time round!

In the afternoon I drove my younger son to bowling with some friends and then picked up eldest son from work. Early evening I drove again to meet my husband and some friends for a meal. By the time we had finished eating it was getting dark, a reminder of how quickly this summer seems to be passing.

By the time I had driven us home I was not feeling so well, so it was bedtime for me, hoping to feel better soon.


Heather L. said...

All of your food looks so good! And wonderfully healthy! I love the colors of your new knitting! Blue and orange were one "theme" for the clothes I am taking on holiday. :)

willow said...

You are very organised having a theme for your holiday packing. It must be hard to pack for six weeks away especially as the seasons will be turning and you need to pack for the end of summer and early autumn. Scotland will be lovely in September - I'm quite jealous!

Christina Wall said...

Willow - I LOVE your Icelandic sweater you are knitting and the Iceland photos you posted! You've inspired me to knit an Icelandic sweater. I can't wait to see progress on your sweater! I'll be checking back!

All the best!