Monday, 19 August 2013

Iceland - beaches of black sand

A few photographs from our holiday. I will post more as I sort through them. These are the black sand beaches at Vik and nearby. The "sand" is black lava washed by the ocean.

I particularly like the last photograph in the series. I took this standing on Vik beach in the evening looking south. From that point there is no land mass between where I was standing and Antarctica. It was an amazing thought and made me feel very small.


Candyce said...

So beautiful! You really captured it.

Christina Wall said...

Love the pics! Did you pick up some wool in Iceland? I hope it was a lovely visit!

willow said...

I didn't buy any wool in Iceland because I had already ordered the wool for my cardigan. I ordered from and the wool I used was Lett-Lopi. I don't know whether you can get hold of Icelandic wool in the US but for me it was cheaper to get it online direct from Iceland - and somehow more exciting too!

willow said...

sorry I meant Christina

VintagePretty said...

What a glorious, yet moody place and also really good photos! The rocks, which look similar to the Giant's Causeway, look so perfect as to be artificial. It is always amazing to see natural elements, like stone or pyrite, grow in such odd formations. I am envious of your visit!

Best wishes,

Tash from