Tuesday, 27 August 2013

an hour at the beach

We have been regularly visiting at Bournemouth Hospital. This Sunday as it was a lovely sunny afternoon and as we were only a few miles from the coast we decided to brave the Bank Holiday crowds and go to the beach.

Arriving late in the day we could park right near the beach (at a price!), walk straight from the car across the sand and into the sea. Perfect.

Dark clouds came and went but the showers stayed out in the channel and we had a pleasant quiet time

strolling on the beach and in and out of the waves.

As I observe the increasing frailty of my parents and parents-in-law as they get older, I think about the finite time we all have to spend in the world and the importance of making the most every moment.

The beach is a good place to do that.

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VintagePretty said...

Indeed. Nowhere is time more evident than the stones which will shortly wear by repetition until they are sand; and the constant lapping of the waves. I'm sorry to hear about your parents and parents-in-law (the hospital visits). Since my own brush with ill-health, it has changed my own outlook on life and embracing it - I am now seizing opportunities rather than holding back. You are, as they say, a long time dead.

Best wishes,

Tash from vintagepretty.org