Friday, 23 August 2013

Late Summer

Its been a full summer, holidays, visiting family and spending time at home in the garden but of course , it has to end. This past week change is in the air, cooler nights and misty mornings, darkness falling earlier, harvesting in the fields, flowers turning to seed heads in the garden, all signs that we are moving slowly into late summer and then to autumn.

This week I visited the gardens at West Green house again. The look here was much softer than earlier in the season, less colour in the herbaceous borders, a quiet calm as if the garden was marking time waiting for the change in season.

Still lots to look at and photograph as I wandered around. As I walked around the lake, a heron flew low overhead and perched in a willow tree. Its a bit distant in the photograph but what an elegant bird.

My own garden is lacking in colour in late summer as I mainly have perennials which flower earlier in the year so I was looking for ideas for late flowering plants. The was plenty of inspiration and I have decided on a late flowering phlox and perhaps another echinacea.

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VintagePretty said...

It is indeed beginning the march towards autumn at quite an alarming pace. This last gloriously sunny weekend really felt like the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn. The weather is set to cool dramatically as we head towards next weekend and I have scented a couple of times that damp, hummus-rich autumn smell on the air and a thick, sweet woodsmoke. It'll not be long.

The garden photos are lovely and how odd for a heron to sit on a tree in such a prominent position! What a splendid fellow he is, though; so regal and wise.

If you have the space, some repeat-flowering roses will keep you going well into the first few frosts; sedums are just beginning to flower and would provide a rich nectar source for bees, hoverflies and late butterflies as well as giving some colour and texture (they're good to split and self-propagate, too!).

Best wishes,

Tash from