Saturday, 14 September 2013

a day in my life.

Friday 13th September

Sometimes ordinary days are just that, very ordinary. Yesterday was like that. It rained, I got up, drove my husband to the station and son to work, came back, ate breakfast, drove to work, worked, drove home, read and knitted a bit, picked up husband and son, cooked dinner and then more knitting while watching Gardener's World. Thats it. Not many photographs because the light was poor.

The trees at the edge of the garden are beginning to look autumnal, the oaks are still green but the silver birch is beginning to turn.

From the garden, tiny apples, herbs for my packed lunch and mint for my tea.

No pictures of my lunch this month but one of this lettuce that looked almost too perfect to eat.

I am still knitting the Icelandic top-down cardigan, not much progress from last month as I had several attempts at dividing for the sleeves as the armholes came out very tight following the pattern. I think/hope I have it right now. I'm also adding some shaping to the body which wasn't in the pattern so I keep stopping and trying it on. Overall, I'm still pleased with it.

So that was my day, a very ordinary boring day. My "day in my life" post seem to have been particularly boring lately and I was going to stop doing them but perhaps in a few years time I might like to look back at how I spent my days. Alternatively, it might prompt me to do something a bit more exciting with my time!


Laura at Beehive Rugs said...

Your sweater is amazing. Keep posting, I love to look back at the ordinary days on my blogs. That is what my blog is all about!

VintagePretty said...


Some days are just a bit boring, I suppose, but are nonetheless interesting when we look back on them to see how much we have/haven't changed. The daily grind of work, cooking and home domesticity tend to make time go by in a blur, though, I agree. Since the illness/op my outlook has definitely changed, but I'm sure you're just in a naturally fallow time and life's pace will pick up again. Or as you said, perhaps looking back at this is enough to spur you on to do something else. It is always nice to see, though, how other people's days pan out and I would encourage you to continue :)

Best wishes,

Tash at